Node.js Microservices

Flexible back-end technologies that give you access to your data on any platform.

We take a data-first approach to software development having migrated hundreds of sites from one platform to another.

Data Migrations

Work with a team that has migrated millions of pieces of content for other clients already. Our team has established procedures for performing “ETL” migrations - “extract transform load” - which can be applied to any data import, large or small.

Content Management

Our team builds content management solutions that make things a breeze for content editors and infrastructure teams to manage with ease.

Online Commerce

We build customized e-commerce experiences and help our clients with security and PCI compliance related to their application. Our solutions include features such as tax calculations for GST and/or VAT and other regional taxes; discounts; coupons; shipping estimates, inventory control, and more.

Performance and Network Tuning

We aim to have your content served to the user in under 1 second, even on 2G mobile connections or slow networks on the other side of the world.


Kafei Interactive is a Québec-based full-stack JavaScript web development agency serving the North American market.
We use Docker, Vue, Svelte, Nuxt and Node.js.
Our consultants work remotely for clients in Canada and the United States.

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