Beautiful Vue.js and Nuxt front-ends

We move mountains for beautiful web experiences!

For over 10 years we have helped organizations build, deploy and manage front-end web experiences.

Vue.js and Nuxt Implementations

You want fast loading dynamic content and a great user experience. Vue.js is the latest way to get there with smooth page loads and transitions for any type of app or website.

Microservices + Static Sites

Ensure your site is always fast and secure using a microservices architecture to reduce the maintenance footprint of your web presence. We can build your static site from any CMS or a custom microservice.

Site Audit / Quality Assurance

Our team can review your codebase for compliance with coding standards, WAI-ARIA compliance, section 508 compliance, and more. We also provide support for implementing PCI compliance.

Touchscreen Appliances

Trust a team that develops websites for all types of input: keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen. We work on touchscreen devices all day long and incorporate that into our development workflow so we can deliver seamless interaction experiences on any type of device.


Kafei Interactive is a Québec-based full-stack JavaScript web development agency serving the North American market.
We use Docker, Vue, Svelte, Nuxt and Node.js.
Our consultants work remotely for clients in Canada and the United States.

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