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Our Team...

A small and efficient team you can work with directly!

Ryan Weal

Application design, data architecture, node.js webservice development. Over 15+ years of professional web development expereince.

Novella Chiechi

Vue.js front-end specialist, site building, JavaScript and Python programming. Open source contributor. Fluent in many languages.

Marc Poulin

Automated testing, quality assurance, integration testing, and automation. First language is français.

We use the technologies that power the apps you love...

...which also happen to be the fastest ways to get things done!

Vue.js and Nuxt front-ends that can scale up as your needs grow.

Node.js web services that tie all the things together.

Apache Cassandra ~ Database clusters that are fast and fault-tolerant.
...and they all work together with your legacy data!


See us at industry events near you!

Datastax Accelerate 2019

National Harbour, Maryland, May 22 & 23, 2019

A Relational Data Safari: Migrating Transactional Data to DataStax/Cassandra → slides are available here: pdf, odp, pptx (original)

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Kafei Interactive is a Montréal-based Vue.js and Node.js web development agency.
Our consultants work remotely for clients in Canada and the United States.

+1 (888) 386-7068

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